But he has promised to take the offal Zhang Meili off, if not done, it is not simply playing his own face? Think Zhang Meili proud of that cheap kind, Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses burst of joy! But not for cheap ray ban folding wayfarer sunglasses this reason we always go to the chairman, right? Bad mood Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses did not work in the afternoon, a man ran a bar drink alone.
Abby afternoon call to call him things about working Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses said his attitude is very good too lazy tube, casual get. How? Abby asked some strange. Bad mood, drinking no time to go. Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses said. What makes you so irritable ah, very rare that I do not care, I accompany you to drink it.
Abby said. To the bar, Abby really boring to see Ray Ban Wayfarer drinking cup after cup of wine, do not speak, sitting next to the wine, and he touched, a dry. Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses looked at her and just do not do that good adult, I ask you to drink ah Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses snapped, also known as a cup and handed Abby!!.
What ah, so suck ? Abby asked, and Dawn fight ? No ! Hu say ! Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses Zhang Meili things to fake ray ban sunglasses this little things really is scum, only to catch him if I have to beat him to get out ! Abby says little face flushed.

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