Thank facilities supervisor. Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses said, pretending to look flattered. Well, it is late, inventory forms you put off, so Cheap Ray Ban Clubmaster Sunglasses the heavy work to give you such a newcomer Huang is wrong, I re- arrange people to do tomorrow. Shi said the head of smiles.
It seems that the old guy today does not aim to never give up, he wants to find ways to get rid of their own. Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses thought, let him expose fox tail, so dry Hao Zhao is not the answer, he would not let go Dawn, Dawn can not go against the meaning of leadership.
Okay, I'll go first. Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses said he pretended to pick up something, give Dawn a comforting gesture. Chapter VII of the dawn on the other side seductive style out of the office, down the elevator, Ray Ban Sunglasses and slowly rode the elevator back to the 15th floor, he went to Ray Ban Daddy Sale UK the door softly logistics department, which came a dialogue between men and women sound.
Small morning, I told you is true, I can make you a promotion sentence you to believe me. Is that Ray Ban Sunglasses Outlet you be a family man. Dawn voices fear of breath, with a trace of bitterness cavity. You are too beautiful, I see you can not control yourself.

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