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Dr. Law is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is a member of theAmerican Society of Plastic Surgeons. naturalbreastnc. He has authored and co-authored publications appearing in peer-reviewed journals and surgical textbooks, and he has made presentations at regional and national m…
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nc, United States
2678 days ago · From naturalbreastnc87
Carmel Valley Facial Plastic Surgery has a strong reputation for producing natural looking results no matter how dramatic the change. Speaking with other patients who have had treatments can also provide useful information about their recovery period, satisfaction with the care provided and ultimate…
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California, United States
2679 days ago · From Drkaram
My Home Trainer is one of the UK's most recognised and leading personal training companies, and is the name that is synonymous with mobile fitness training all over the UK. The service that our trainers provide surpasses all other personal training services. We are second to none when it comes to pr…
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Colchester, United Kingdom
2680 days ago · From Myhometrainer
He is one of the few surgeons in the Seattle area who specializes in microvascular breast reconstruction and microvascular surgery, a highly-specialized type of breast reconstruction after breast cancer. These cutting-edge techniques are a recent advance in surgical breast …
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Washington, United States
2681 days ago · From jeffscottmd
Most patients have a definite idea as to how they would like to `improve' or refine the shape of their nose. The common concerns are the "nasal hump" on the bridge, the thickness of the nasal tip, and the width of their nose. The most important step in the process of learning about rhinoplasty or na…
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California, United States
2682 days ago · From Nasalsurgery
By Unlike women who talk to one another about their breast augmentation or liposuction, men do not talk to one another about gynecomastia. They hide it under their clothes, and so even their best friends are often totally unaware. Once fixed with surgery, the…
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SANTA MONICA, United States
2682 days ago · From Teitelbaum
Dr. Kao has authored numerous publications that have appeared in professional journals.  He has also lectured national and regional meetings with presentations to such groups as The California Society of Plastic Surgeons.
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ca, United States
2683 days ago · From kaoplasticsurgery
The company is corporately owned by Pros, Inc. out of Atlanta, Georgia. Our main office is in Boca Raton, Florida and we have a subsidiary office on Long Island in New York. Our products ship out of Austin, Texas, and sometimes out of Boca Raton.
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Boca Raton, United States
2683 days ago · From saeto
Besides having a passion for dentistry, he also has a love for trains. In the past, Dr. Whittle engineered the train at Six Flags Over Texas, and today, he is an active engineer for the Grapevine Vintage Railroad in Grapevine, Texas.   is also a member of the Vocal Majority Men's Chorus of Dallas.
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texas, United States
2687 days ago · From whittledentistry
You are in experienced hands. Prior to moving to Seattle WA, Dr. Brian Windle spent 10 years at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland where he gained extensive experience in plastic and reconstructive surgery and was Chief of Plastic Surgery. He then spent 6 years in private practice where he…
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Bellevue, United States
2692 days ago · From drwindle
Dr. Geoghegan’s practice over 10 years of knowledge and experience in the plastic and aesthetic field which compliment her primary role as a patient coordinator. From your initial consultation to your pre and post-operative visits, Katherine plays an intimate role in guiding you through your experie…
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Arizona, United States
2694 days ago · From Oasisplastics
At Comfort Dental Ann Arbor, we like to earn your trust by providing consistent high quality individualized care to all patients. In the process, we build relationships with the patients, which in turn allows us to truly understand their needs and provide treatments that exceeds their expectations. …
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Ann Arbor, United States
2697 days ago · From comfortdental
Dr. McBeth’s mission is to give her patient’s the healthy appearance they desire and deserve. Get Slim Now, Inc., offers an excellent physician in a proper medical setting, for an optimum result. We offer the safest and most affordable weight loss program.
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Claremont, United States
2701 days ago · From Getslimnow
We provide the most effective and safest teeth gap bands specified for closing gapped teeth. Furthermore, the Orthofill team is dedicated to perform each vital role in order to accomplish our intentions; high quality bands, quick delivery, and excellent customer service for all our valued customers.
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Ontario, Canada
2707 days ago · From orthofill
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