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Fashion Clothes for Gifts direction of the

Fashion Clothes for Gifts direction of the
the park, and walked toward the bus stop. Ling Maimai no response followed Guan Yu Chen to go completely out of ideas. Rub ...... now is several meanings, so she somehow become someone else's girlfriend A relationship has not come out from the shadow of failure, he has entered another period of romance. Holy crap, this is not to say novel slag man do That would mean that she is the residue female Your sister's!Along the way, Ling Maimai very passive, so shut Yu Chen holding on the bus, then get off, then walked toward the direction of the apartment even go. Ling Maimai rented ap.Scotland Haggis neeps and tatties Heroes artment is old-fashioned apartment, which live mostly elderly aunt uncle who, naturally, a person has to live Ling Maimai concern. "Barley, come back." Aunt Wang wall warm hellos. "Yes ah!" Ling Maimai should sound. "Xiao Song, you can come back ah." Aunt Wang and Guan Yu Chen did not forget to say hello. Ling Maimai not react in time, and even the neighbors have gone out, and have shut Yu Chen playing the greeting. Guan Yu Chen alw.M81 Spiral Galaxy Corbis Images ays with a smile, one by one nodded, appeared to be very polite, and that the appearance of their mean the opposite. "Damn it, why do you know" Ling Maimai recovered, immediately asked Guan Yu Chen. "Barley, ah, you have such a good boyfriend to hide what ah Introduced to recognize that we do." Aunt Wang bitch about her. Zhang uncle came also added: "That is, Xiao Song looks good, tall, good ability of my family is his toilet repaired.." "For ah, you travel .Bargain Heiress garagesaleshirts these days, Xiao Song at home but cleaned inside and out, also burned the hand of good food, every time I pass the time, Xiao Song will bring me back a little of it!" Song Aunt cooing with. ...... So, Ling Maimai ears instantly filled everyone's evaluation of Chen Guan Yu. Looks good, tall, good ability, good man, good EQ ...... In short, everything is good. Ling Maimai found that after playing his college graduation rented from here, and this building have .COWONANT SydCartoon not got to know all of them, she would not at home a few days, Guan Yu Chen that all these people frown toilet blocked waiting to clear the pipe to save themselves. With Chen Guan Yu, she no longer wanted anything to eat tonight, because every day, hot, and delicious full dinner. Even the lunch Guan Yu Chen have been resolved. With Chen Guan Yu ...... In short, that life is reluctant to leave. The tall figure, joking laugh, harsh words, gods Jun Yan, always in their own quiet .Run like a Dog Tail on fire! DDGraphix time, easily occur in the minds. This is a poison called Guan Yu Chen. Ling Maimai unconscious forget the next time, but two weeks from start to finish this scene ...... "Ling Maimai really useless, M color so easily buy you." Ling Maimai muttered loudly. Suddenly, Ling Maimai hit the wall hard chest, without looking up and immediately said:. "I'm sorry I'm sorry." "Your eyes do not look at the road Walk in the fugue" Harsh but familiar . Pillow Cases tone of banter from the top of his head came Lingmai Mai. "Ah ......" Ling Maimai shocked, "Guan Yu Chen, you do not scare you live without it" "Do not scare you no fun, no fun really like live!" Guan Yu Chen Tanshou that innocent, eyes are spoiled. "Your happiness is built on top of my pain right" Ling Maimai angrily growled. "It's like, how do" "How to do" This Lingmai Mai's voice rose an octave. "You go to hell!" "Are you willing" "Why could not bear" "I die no one to give you a warm bed, no one to give you long-term employment, nobody let your body and mind meet." The last sentence, Guan Yu Chen said very ambiguous. "Guan Yu Chen!" Ling Maimai street roared. Guan Yu Chen is blunt laugh out loud. "Ling Maimai!" Suddenly, I heard a sharp voice, stopped Lingmai Mai. ... ...Chapter 026 you get the flour to whitewash it Lingmai Mai heard the sound, subconsciously scalp tingling a little, delicate brow cemented a group, that expression seems inexplicable pain up before slowly turning around. "Ling Maimai, what is the relationship you and this man" Ling Xiao Ran octave higher tone asked Lingmai Mai. Ran Xiao Ling Ling Maimai cousin is also a stranger uncle Ling Maimai her daughter home. Of course, t
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Fashion Clothes for Gifts direction of the
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