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Fashion Clothes Wholesale Guan Yu Chen to pay

Fashion Clothes Wholesale Guan Yu Chen to pay
han the monk also scary. Think of Guan Yu Chen, Ling Maimai stick your subconscious, then thank the clerk after facing toward the outside to go to the dessert. But at this time, the dessert came the siren voices outside, then several police cars pulled up. This allows Lingmai Mai micro shocked at some tell in the end what happened. Even standing outside the shadow frowned, the first time appear in the dessert. Almost, police and shadow are also appear in the store. "Sorry officer, what happened to you" The clerk looked very surprised, hurried to meet up, and asked the police officers. "We received complaints from the public in this shop has drug carriers!" Formulaic police sa.Black Sheep Designs "Baa Baa Black Sheep" Tank Tops id, that sharp eyes scanning the presence of everyone, he thinks he found the suspect. "drug……" This time, the store burst of screams, everyone you look at me, I see you have become incredible. Ling Maimai more confused. Her store is the first time, but in the search for a network name, and then could not wait to let the shadow of themselves to send here. As a result, even when I met a hundred years a rare case of anti-drug event. "Everyone is allowed to leave, waiting for the search has been completed .I Love Heart San Francisco T-Shirts to confirm no problem to leave." Police quickly said. Ling Maimai pace is supposed to go out has stopped, with the police rummage. She has always been a good citizen, so she is not afraid of this. See Ling Maimai shadow stopped, and stood quietly, did not speak.Police quickly searched in a dessert everyone, some get confused we are naturally cooperate with the police action. You can include all the hiding places and the store clerk, the police did not let go. When the police in front of Ling Maimai, when the shadow of the brow wrin.Giving What We Can - 2 Tank Tops led up immediately, alert Ling Maimai stood in front of the police do not agree with touch Lingmai Mai. "It's okay, we have to cooperate." Lingmaimaian stroking shadow. Upon seeing the shadow, only to pull back again. Ling Maimai and also with police checks. However, when the police from Ling Maimai pocket to find a really wise." Federline do not deny, "because the temporary master something, so I'm solely responsible for this transaction. Besides, I was also present in this line of business, and very appropriate." Guan Yu Chen did not sp.Denmark Soccer Panda (dark s) Tank Tops eak, it seems to assess the authenticity of Delin dialect, in such penetrated Mouguang pressure Delin not continue his explanation again. "Before the master heard Highness Arsenal out of things, this time coupled with the tremendous amount of cooperation, it was proposed master must personally see His Highness conditions. Also, please forgive Highness." Delin, then I did not hear a hint of disrespect. Guan Yu Chen's fingers have been so beat on the table with the rhythm of the law, it seems quiet listening Delin, then Delin, t. Fashion T-Shirts hen perfect, can not find any flaws. Delin this man, Chen Guan Yu know. In Europe, known as the title of European wolf, it is an iron-fisted German. Prior to this has always been a free man, and even now can be attached to another person's name, this is the key Guan Yu Chen to pay attention. Delin behind the person is not simple, or that a date may also become their enemy, of course, it could be a friend. But Guan Yu Chen mind, how can guess to Federline. Seeing Guan Yu Chen did not speak, Delin personally stood up and handed him a check issued by a bank in Switzerland, placed in front of Chen Guan Yu. "Your Highness, this is the rest of the balance due, please check the next." Delin if reasonable manner. Guan Yu Chen is just a raising his hand, Jiang Rui immediately took the check, Delin also calmly sat down. Three minutes later, Jiang Rui figure reappears in the conference room. 'Check there is no problem, it has been honored. "Jiang Rui Guan Yu Chen quickly in a whisper. Guan Yu Chen micro nod, a faint commanded: "Take Mr. Federline to pick up." "Yes." Side of the mercenaries should be respectful. Guan Yu and Chen have no willingness to continue to talk down, he stood up. Delin did not retain. Guan Yu and he did not want Chen to continue to go on, the pressure in th
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Fashion Clothes Wholesale Guan Yu Chen to pay
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